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    After-School All-Stars (ASAS-LA) mission is to educate, enlighten, and inspire young people by providing exciting and dynamic opportunities for their success, while cultivating students’ self-esteem, leadership and respect for one another to help build healthier communities.


    Our vision for our All-Stars is that they grow up safe and healthy, graduate high school and go on to college, find careers they love, and give back to their communities.

    ASAS-LA Academics

    • Academic Support and Homework Assistance • The Visual and Performing Arts • Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness • Youth Leadership and Community Service Learning

    ASAS-LA and the Arts

    ASAS has four National Initiative programs that complement our Three Pillars and address the issues most adversely affecting our students and their communities. • We Are Ready (W.A.R) A high school readiness and success program • Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO): A financial literacy and entrepreneurialism program • Sports As A Hook (SAAH): An anti-obesity and health living program • Life Service Action (LSA): Developing students’sense of social responsibility and civic awareness. Keep the...

Educate. Enlighten.
After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles educates, enlightens and inspires young people by providing dynamic and exciting opportunities for success, while cultivating self-esteem, leadership and respect to help build healthier communities.
  • DJ Skee is a proud Celebrity Ambassador of the ASAS-LA

    Celebrity Ambassador DJ Skee
  • ASAS-LA was recognized as a Top Recruitment Team for United Way Homewalk 2013

    United Way Homewalk with Kobe Bryant
  • ASAS-LA Visual & Performing Arts

    ASAS-LA Visual and Performing Arts
  • Blast-Off to Science – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) for the Entire Community!

    Blast Off to Science
  • ASAS-LA Music Programs

    ASAS-LA Music Programs
  • Give inner-city students the chance to see new sights & explore the world outside of their own communities!

    Inner-city Students
  • CampUs 2014 at UCLA

    CampUs 2014 at UCLA
  • Kobe Bryant Enables ASAS-LA Students with Cultural Opportunities

    Kobe Bryant and the ASAS-LA Students
  • See what ASAS-LA is all about!

    Video about the ASAS-LA program featuring Kobe Bryant and Director Ana Campos