Research shows that if students can succeed through the 10th grade, the high school graduation rate grows exponentially. We Are Ready prepares 8th grade students and helps answer the question of “Why does high school matter to me?” Through WAR, we offer academic support, high school readiness, and college exploration opportunities, helping student make connections between academic and professional success.



An innovative summer program to prepare incoming 9th graders with the greatest of needs and fewest of resources prepare for success and experience college life. Students spend a week experiencing a true college experience. They move into the dorms; eat in the cafeterias and take classes in college lecture halls. Through this immersive program, students are offered courses on how to succeed in high school to better prepare them for college life.

High School Readiness

Our W.A.R. initiative prepares middle school students for their transition to High School, while helping them draw clear connections between academic and professional success. W.A.R. also engages youth in college and career exploration opportunities that illustrate the necessity of High School and College diplomas.