ASAS-LA welcomes professional and emerging leaders from various industries that represent the broad diversity of Los Angeles’ professional community to share their professional and personal journeys with our All-Stars.
Time Commitment: Varies By Location.


Career Exploration Opportunities (CEO) Relay Races

The CEO Relay Race is a fast-paced speed-mentoring event where you and a group of professionals will circulate between tables of students. With each rotation, you’ll get to share your educational, professional and life paths with a new round of All-Stars, while the small group setting encourages students to interact more readily. This fun format then concludes with a group Q&A session at the end.

All-Stars Talk –Series

Host your talk in an intimate classroom setting with our All-Stars. Help students make connections between their educational choices and career paths by sharing your own personal academic and career tracks, what skills you need for your current job, what your job entails on a daily basis, and tips for pursuing that particular career path.

Work Place Visits

Host students for a behind-the-scenes look at your workplace. We’re looking for a wide range of workplaces to share with our students, from kitchens and restaurants, to stadiums, retail outlets, banks, garden center/nursery/farm, offices, and more. These visits help our students learn the various skills required at a workplace, including sales/marketing, operations, finance, business development, information technology, and more.


Have a skill or talent you’d like to share with our All-Stars and our organization? We are always looking for people to join our resources network! Time Commitment: Varies. Some opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Business Plan Consultant

Financial Literacy Coach

High School Admissions Support

Speech and Debate Coach

Event Specialist

STEAM Coaching (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math)


Support ASAS-LA’s operations at sporting, fundraising, and community events. Tasks can include: staffing check-in/out stations, facilitating activity booths, coordinating activities (tug-of-war, musical chairs, etc.), emcee, set up/take down, liaising with vendors, A/V support and more. Time Commitment: Varies.


Curious about ASAS-LA? Volunteers are always welcome to tour our school sites to see our mission in action! You never know, maybe we might inspire your next great project!


There are a range of beautification projects (i.e. murals, garden upkeep) that are conducted throughout the year, ask us how you can be a part of it!


Inspired Stars Council (ISC)⏐an events-based affinity group invested in the safety, education, personal and professional success of the students we serve as well as the fiscal and philanthropic efforts of After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles.

CONTACT: to learn more.