We engage students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education, giving them an opportunity to explore STEAM career options and ignite their interest in these industries at an early age. Our comprehensive STEAM program focuses on ensuring students are exposed to the many components of STEAM and the opportunities to put their new learned knowledge and skills into action.


Computer Coding

In partnership with Google, ASAS-LA offers a web-based computer science program known as CS First ( It is an introduction to coding by using coding “blocks” that students can drag and drop to understand the basic concepts of how computers respond to specific digital codes. Coding classes offer students dynamic, creative environments where they can direct their own learning and build on basic math, science, and problem solving skills they develop during the school day.


Robotics is a platform designed to inspire and introduce all-star students to the world of STEAM. Students use their critical thinking skills along with their creativity and apply engineering concepts to build fully-functioning robots. Through 9 Dots hands-on approach to learning about robotics, we guide our students through building, prototyping, and programming robots. Students are also exposed to engineering careers and watch a video on the process of the engineering side of building a robot. They are then given the opportunity to build their own robot, building their construction, dexterity, engineering and robotics skills, as well as communication and collaboration soft skills.

All-Star Customs

All-Star Customs program teaches middle school students how to build model cars. They learn basic model building skills such as sanding, painting and assembly. Students also learn the concept of teamwork, shop safety, and basic automotive engineering.

Beyond Science Fair

ASAS-LA has enhanced the standard “Science Fair” Model to empower students to make a difference in their community through service learning. The program is tailored to provide an interactive experience for elementary and middle school students through experiments, field trips, and hands-on learning.

Academic Support

To ensure students have the fundamentals needed to excel in STEAM and all academic pursuits, the first hour of our program each day provides standards-aligned academic support, homework help, and tutoring.

Digital Media (Audio/Video Production)

In partnership with the DJ Global Academy, students learn the science and art of music engineering, creating rhythms (“beats”) and original tracks while learning about the patterns and mathematics of music. Additionally, Sneak on the Lot, TrueSpark and the American Film Institute help students learn the film industry.

Creative Circuitry

Today we have access to new wiring materials, such as conductive thread fabric and inks that make it easy to join simple electronic components. Circuits composed of these soft conductive materials, such as electronic textiles (e-textiles), have been termed soft circuits. Since these materials are safe and do not require soldering, they are a great alternative to teach youth basic concepts of circuitry in a fun, engaging way.

Video Game Design

Students will immerse themselves in the game design process; present new experiments and engineer new inventions that could change the way people use technology. The students are guided through the process of researching and surveying, developing and testing their product, and refining their ideas until a final product is developed. They are then able to present their final products to demo during key game challenges at Beyond Science Fair in April.