We Are Ready

High School Readiness and College Exploration


Financial Literacy, Career Development, and Entrepreneurship

Sports As A Hook

Connecting Sports With Leadership, Schoolwork, and Future Success

Life Service Action

Social Responsibility and Community Outreach


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics


ASAS-LA takes a holistic approach to extended-day learning and structures our programs around Four Pillars

Academics & Homework Support

Provides students with assistance in their academic work from homework to class projects, particularly in core subjects such as math and English, and supplements the overall curriculum of their regular school day through enhanced complimentary learning.

Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Focuses on a diverse array of structured activities relating to physical and nutritional health that teach students the importance of having well balanced diets, daily exercise and play, healthy living, leadership, and community service.

Visual & Performing Arts

Provides students with unique and experiential opportunities to explore multiple aspects of the arts, to develop and enhance their visual and performance talents through activities like dance and painting, and to build their social, creative, and emotional skills.

Youth Leadership & Community Service Learning

Educates students on the practical definition of leadership, its roles and applications, and the process of identifying and electing leaders for the betterment of schools and communities, and meeting real needs of their peers, families and neighborhoods.