Our Literacy program aligns with Common Core standards and has core principles that are vital attributes a 21st Century learner must possess in order to flourish in any college, career and community such as comprehension, curiosity, and communication. Our curricula contain disguised learning activities that are designed to develop phonemic awareness and increase reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. Our goal is to guide students toward proficient and lifelong independent reading as well as promote academic, social, and emotional success.



AfterSchool KidzLit is a reading enrichment program for grades K-8 that is designed for out-of-school settings. Schools utilizing KidzLit are guided through a five-goal procedure: Literacy Skills, Written Expression, Core Values, Connections, and Critical Thinking Skills. Kidzlit helps students build reading comprehension and develop vocabulary while also cultivating a love for reading. Students are excited about reading by participating in read aloud, partner conversation and real-life connection activities through drama, art, movement and writing. These processes are aligned to state standards and have been proven to increase children’s enjoyment of reading, build their vocabulary, deepen their thinking, and foster their ability to work with others.

Read to Lead

In Read to Lead, students become the boss of a virtual workplace. Their games create a fun, engaging, and relevant way to blast through traditional reading barriers and promote 21st century skill building. Students can explore either the public service, medical, or journalism industry. They play through their workday, reading closely, thinking critically, and solving real-world problems, all while balancing the hectic demands of an exciting career. By playing Read to Lead games, students increase reading achievement, find motivation, and see a real connection between learning, career aspirations, and their futures.



Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire’s Club inspires the love of reading while improving students English Language Arts (ELA) comprehension. Since 2010, this program has encouraged students to read over 70 million words and 16,500 books! Millionaire’s Club is designed to track students’ reading progression throughout the school year as well as incorporate disguised learning literacy activities that are designed to be multi-dimensional, interactive and built to engage students in comprehending text, and acquiring a larger vocabulary. Students will engage in story structure exercises, play word games, journal their reading experiences, and learn the art of story-telling through novel writing.