R.E.A.D Literacy Event

Students participate in ELA/Reading comprehension activities, annual R.E.A.D. event (author fairs and spelling bee competition) that includes an exclusive opportunity to create their own books. The program utilizes two research-based curriculums: Kidz Lit, and Write Brain; and two internal literacy curriculums: Millionaires’ Club and The Adventure Club.

Volunteer Support to the R.E.A.D. Literacy Event

Be an All-Star volunteer and support ASAS-LA’s operations at our events. Tasks can include: staffing check-in/out stations, facilitating activity booths, coordinating activities (tug-of-war, musical chairs, etc.), emcee, set up/take down, liaising with vendors, A/V support and more. Time Commitment: Varies.To volunteer for this event, please email us at info@la-allstars.org or call us at (213) 232-0123.

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