A financial literacy, career development, and entrepreneur program designed to help student learn to be self-sufficient adults. By focusing on career planning and workforce development within the greater economy, CEO connects youth with community leaders in government, business, and nonprofit sectors.


Personal Finance

Students are taught how to budget, save, and spend wisely. They learn what it really means to have a credit card and about the concept of borrowed credit. Students explore basic investment concepts and financial aid options through financial literacy workshops and events facilitated by local banks, credit unions and finance professionals.


Students learn how to launch a company from start to finish. In groups, students are tasked with identifying a business need, conducting market research, identifying competition, developing a business plan, creating a tangible product, negotiating with lenders, finding and acquiring investors, and effectively marketing their idea. Students have access to a host of professionals in various industries that vist school sites and share their experiences and career paths with our students.

Workplace Skills

Through workplace visits, role-playing, interviews with guest speakers, and educational workshops, students learn appropriate workplace behavior. Additionally, these experiences offer students opportunity to practice drafting a resume and interviewing for jobs.